Dating advice and insights for **Senior** women

Love is the best and most beautiful thing that can happen to you. It makes you feel worthy, appreciated, wanted, a sense of belonging, and gives you a chance to explore people and places at large. Although there are many types of love, romantic love brings the best of you as it brightens your adulthood life.

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In as much as we enjoy love, finding true love is not a walk in the park. To find love, you must be mentally prepared to date and put yourself out there to interact with people. In the current world that we are living today, online dating has proved to be an ideal platform to find love. This article will provide you with some dating insights.

Put Yourself Out There

Most senior women are mostly conservative and not ready to front themselves. This is not the case with dating online. Opposed to the traditional ways where women would wait for men to come hit on them, come out of the cocoon and be open-minded.

To begin with, do some research and find yourself a good site. Make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions and your messages and photos' privacy. For seniors, I recommend that you don’t go for free websites to avoid scammers.

Invest in a Good Profile

Learn how to create a good profile. Remember, people will view it as your ‘resume,’ and therefore, it should market you out there. Blow your own trumpet and make the profile as juicy as possible. Talk positively about yourself but stick to the truth. Also don’t seem like you are showing off. Even though you after letting the viewers know you and your values, just give them a glimpse. Don’t spill everything about yourself; leave them wanting to discover you more.

What Are Your Needs?

Talk about the person you are looking forward to meeting. Every woman has this ideal dream man she would like to date and fall in love with. In your description, be precise about the kind of partner and relationship that you are looking for. Keep the conversations flirty and seductive during this period.

The Perfect Profile Photo

According to a survey done by a reputable site, a staggering 52% of the respondents said that they would not bother opening a profile that does not have a profile picture. This is a clear indication of how important it is to have at least one picture of you. I have never understood why most women tend to use their old photos as profile pictures. This is a grievous mistake because if you look any different from that, you will always disappoint your first dates. Please use a current photo and also avoid too many filters. Let the photo shows who you are.

Take Your Time

In online dating, hold your horses still. Do not rush into meeting potential partners. Remember, these are guys you have not interacted with at a personal level. Have conversations online and get to explore the kind of persons you are dealing with. This allows you ample time to have an in-depth understanding of the person, assess whether they are a true reflection of their profiles or not, and also whether they fit our ideal partner.

The First Date

First dates are always the dealbreakers. Once you have developed a good connection with someone online, move on to the next stage – offline. In as much as women love fancy and complicated stuff, keep the first date simple. It can be coffee, dinner, or even a walk in the park. This way, you get to be comfortable and at ease and gives you time to talk extensively and get to know each other more. Let the conversations focus on both of you and the future. Avoid talking about your ex(s) or previous dates. It is important to note that your expectations may not be 100% met. Give yourself room to make compromises but without lowering your standards. Also, dress decently.

Never Loose Motivation.

It is not often to find love at first sight. At times you might discover that you and your date are worlds apart and incompatible. In such cases, don’t get discouraged on a first date. Enjoy the moments, and learn a few things.

In conclusion, online dating is not limited to a specific age group. Women should take advantage of the platform, and who knows, you might find your prince charming sooner than you expected.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash