5 Tips for Dating During the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus has completely altered our lives and changed the ways that we do things. Many of us are unable to go to work and are forced to spend a lot more time at home. We all have a little bit more free time on our hands and this may cause you to think more about your relationship status and what you really want in life.

dating during coronavirus

If you are looking to start online dating, you should know that the coronavirus has changed the game. This pandemic has reduced the ability to actually go on dates. While this may seem pointless for many people it can actually work to your advantage. Here are some tips that everyone should consider when looking to date during the coronavirus.

  1. Wait Until The Time Is Right

If you are already on an online dating site or app you should not feel pressured to use it, simply because you have more time. If you do not want to use the app while you are stuck in isolation you can put the phone down and wait until isolation is over. Many people find that they have nothing to talk about because isolation has made their day predictable and repetitive. Others may decide that they do not even want to begin chatting with someone if they are unable to meet them in person. Both of these points are logical. If you want to start dating online but do not want to do it in isolation you may need to wait until you feel more comfortable.

  1. Embrace The Real You

One of the main things you should remember during the coronavirus if you want to start dating online is that you should embrace the real you. When salons are closed many people are unable to get haircuts and unable to get their nails done. This may make some people feel self-conscious, however, it should not. You should embrace this time to explore the real you. Use dating online as an opportunity to show people who you really are. Try to make connections that are deeper than just the physical level. If you are looking for love you can share common interests and get to know people for what is under their skin.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself and Your Matches

One of the most challenging things about dating online during the pandemic is that you are unable to meet people to go on dates. One of the most popular first dates that many people go on is to a restaurant. With restaurants closed it can be difficult to progress in a relationship. If you are unable to go on dates and this is inhibiting the progression of your relationship you need to be honest with yourself and with your matches.

One of the best ways to prevent a relationship from going stale is to find a new way to date. If you are still interested in dating and meeting a person in real life you may need to come up with a [new way to date]. You can try walking around the park, going for a bike ride, or another outdoor activity. This can help you move forward in a relationship if you really think the person could be the one for you.

  1. Take Time To Pursue Your Interests

During the coronavirus, we all have a lot more time on our hands. This may cause some people to turn to online dating more than ever. Even if you have extra time, you should not fully devote yourself to dating. While it may be fun to talk to a person more during the day, this is an unrealistic expectation to have. You should not ask your match to stay in constant communication with you. You should take time away from dating to pursue your own interests. Taking time to yourself and away from your phone can significantly improve your mood and increase your ability to connect later on.

  1. Take A Break From Arguments

During the coronavirus, many people have pent up [anger] and aggression. We are all a little more irritable because we are stuck inside. This may cause you and your partner to argue more. If you notice that you are in the middle of an argument with a partner you should take time to cool down. Avoid responding to your partner until you have had time to cool down. This can help you understand what you are really upset about and help you from lashing out in an aggressive way.