How to Move On From a Breakup

Whether you were married, engaged, or had a deep commitment, ending a relationship can sometimes be very difficult. In fact, some breakups can be painful and disruptive to your life.

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Ending a relationship can often make you feel sad, empty and alone. Oftentimes, people feel like part of their inner self is missing. However, there are many ways you can deal with intense emotions after a breakup. The key is to move on so that you can be happy again.

Break off all Communication

One of the first steps to moving on is to break off all communication with your ex. This includes texting about the latest event, late night calls when you are lonely, texting when something dramatic happens, or calling just to hear their voice. Being “just friends” is not always the answer either. As much as we would like, a “just friends” relationship rarely evolves the way we desire. Generally, when a relationship has ended, it is time to move on. Allow the relationship to be over. You can prevent a lot of future heartbreak by breaking off all communication when it is over.

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Generally, when a person is in a relationship, they spend a lot of time with their significant other. Unfortunately, you don’t see your loved ones as much as you should. Now that you do not have a significant other to worry about, you can devote quality time to friends and family. In addition, friends and family can be supportive and help with the healing process. As well, spending quality time with friends and family will help keep your mind focused on positive things.

Try Casual Dating through an Online Dating Site

Although you don’t want to rush into another relationship to quickly, sulking around the house is not the best thing for you. Instead, try casual dating through an online dating site. Internet dating sites give you the opportunity to meet new people without a commitment. In addition, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities. In fact, online dating is a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. If anything, you will establish new friends that enjoy doing the things that you find exciting such as a fellow hiker or museum buddy.

Set Reasonable Goals

 A good time to set goals is often after a breakup. In truth, the end of a relationship can sometimes be a significant turning point in your life when you accomplish great things. For instance, it is an opportune time to start a new business, go back to school, or nurture a long forgotten hobby.

However, it’s important not to burn yourself out and set to high a standard. Not only does overwork affect your health but it also upsets your well-being. In addition, working to excess will numb your senses and does not leave an opportunity for growth or positive relationships.

Stay Healthy

To improve your disposition after a breakup, it is imperative that you stay healthy. To keep healthy you need to eat right and keep in shape. As it happens, one of the best times launch a motivational regime is right after a relationship has ended.

Start your plan with a healthy diet that is nutritious and tasty. If you’re not sure what foods are best to eat, contact a nutritionist or dietitian to help you find the best diet to fit your needs.

Exercise is also important. If you are social and require others to help you stay motivated, try joining a fitness center or an outdoor club. If you like to avoid crowds, then exercise videos or outdoor activities like bicycling should keep you fit.

Moving On

At times it may be difficult at to move on. However, staying active and doing things that you enjoy will make a huge difference on how you feel. In fact, according to Psychology Today, a great way to cope with break up is by looking at thing in a different perspective. This new perspective is called cognitive reappraisal. Simply by taking a stressful situation and changing it to a challenge instead of a threat, can give the whole transition a better light.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash