According to studies in recent years, interest in plant-based diets has grown unprecedentedly.

It is estimated that in 2020 in Australia about 12% of the population (about 2.5 million people) professed to be vegetarian or vegan; in New Zealand this figure was around 10% (about 500,000 people).

It’s only natural that this situation has generated a commercial interest related to preferences and among the things that couldn’t be missed is obviously an online dating app dedicated to them.

vegan dating app

What makes you want to date a vegan?

Veggly is the most popular vegan dating app in the world, and it may help you discover your Veg-Love. Veganism is more than just a diet: it’s a set of principles that many vegans look for in a relationship.

It helps vegans and vegetarians if they know the other person believes and eats the same as they do. You may eat in peace and have a wonderful time knowing that you share values that are important to you, such as animal protection, your health, and the environment.

How can Veggly assist you? Vegan Dating App that is Simple to Use

Veggly is a free vegan and vegetarian dating app! Find, Veg-Match, and speak with local veggies to start a new relationship in the burgeoning realm of plant-based life! Is it possible that it’s all too wonderful to be true? Check out our testimonials to see how others have used Veggly to find their Veg-Matches!

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