Dating can be tricky, mainly because there are numerous traits that men look for in a woman, aside from looks. As a man, finding and committing to the right person is one of the most vital decisions to make. The person you decide to share your world with may help you become a better version of yourself. Well, the good news is that there still exist emotionally stable men, and what they want in a woman is based on several aspects.

dating 7 aspects

Whether you are looking to try online dating or regular dating, here are a few things that men look for in a woman.

1. Clear communication

Typically, men are known to be bad communicators, and therefore they try to find a woman who can communicate to them clearly and concisely. Men want to avoid the troubles of trying to comprehend how a woman feels especially if she is the type to go silent. Men love women who are natural communicators, a woman who can tell them what they desire and how best it can be accomplished. Remember, the ultimate goal here is for both parties to be happy.

2. Respect

Respect is a key for any relationship to last. A man wants a woman who will respect him for his personal character irrespective of what job he has or perhaps the amount of money he has. The key thing here that men who are looking for healthy relationships are yearning to be with a partner who does not control them. They want a woman who will treat them with much respect and admiration.

3. A supportive woman

Well, everyone has their dreams and goals that they want to accomplish in this life. As a man, dating a supportive woman who understands your vision and helps you push through the obstacles is incredible. A supportive woman will not only help you believe in yourself, but she will also work effortlessly to ensure that you achieve your dreams.

4. Confidence in her skin

If there is one thing that attracts a man to a woman is her self confidence in her skin. A woman does not have to be beautiful or wealthy to attract a Man. Men want to date women who have a purpose in life, a woman who is poised to create a better experience for herself instead of just sitting down and waiting for a man to create the perfect life for her.

5. A woman who is drama free

If there is one thing a **man despises is a woman who is dramatic **and a woman who uses her feminine power to manipulate men into doing what they want. They do not have time to deal with emotional outbursts from an emotionally unstable woman. Genuity in words and action is key to finding the best man.

6. Reliability

A long-lasting healthy relationship is built on trust. As a man, nothing is comforting like having a trustworthy partner who will always be there for your through all the stages of life. A woman who can credibly manage her finances is every man’s dream.

7. A woman who listens

Communication is key to any relationship, and a man wants a woman who will proactively listen to his concerns or rather any decision that he wants to make regarding their relationships. A good woman looks at her partner’s issues and tries to help him find solutions to their problems. For a man, having such a woman is priceless.

Generally, women have distinct traits regarding how they express themselves but in the end, they desire to be loved and treasured. Men, on the other hand, are complex beings who look for certain critical aspects in the women they date. Whether you are looking to try online dating or typical dating, the above dating tips will you get the woman of your dreams.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash