4 Tips for Getting Alone Time Away From the Kids With Your Significant Other

When you settle down, start a family and begin to focus on parenting, domestic bliss can start to lose its initial allure. Although you may love being a caretaker to your children, family life requires adaption and flexibility, which many couples struggle with among chores, kids and work responsibilities.

couple with kids

Finding alone time to appreciate each other as individuals is important. Dating is different after you become parents. Partners often find themselves detached, afraid to engage with their lack of intimacy for fear of worsening the distance between them and their significant other.

Luckily, there are simple solutions to help reconnect despite being at home and raising a family. Kids don’t have to be out of the picture on date night for a couple to spend meaningful time together. Use these four tips to help you and your spouse spend valuable alone time together to reconnect and appreciate one another.

Supervise From Another Room

A nanny cam that connects to your iPhone allows you to keep track of the kids from another room. While they’re in a safe space playing, take the time to share a meal with your spouse or talk over a cup of coffee. You can also use the cam to keep an eye on the kids after they’ve gone to bed.

Although you should never leave the house unattended and consider a nanny cam an alternative to a babysitter, it can give you an opportunity to **supervise children in a safe area **while you and your partner spend time together in another part of the house.

Use Naptime and Bedtime to Your Advantage

Naps might be when you get work done, but they can also be used to spend time with your significant other. Have lunch while the children snooze, and plan to have dinner and a movie while the kids are asleep.

Whether it’s a candlelit bath or a quick make out session, parents have to prioritize dating. Remember to do little things just because they make your partner happy. Leave them a steamy note on the bathroom mirror, or send them a flirty text in the middle of the day.

Love doesn’t have to become boring just because you’re parents.

Encourage Independent Play

When children are old enough to safely play alone, parents shouldn’t feel guilty for taking some time for themselves. Close the bedroom door and let the kids know that it’s time for you to spend time together. Educational mobile apps or audiobooks make great alternatives to TV; let the children have fun on their own with a story or game while you and your partner have some alone time.

Stick to a Schedule

You may not have ever envisioned yourself becoming a couple who schedules alone time, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, planning shows commitment. It prevents stagnation and ensures you’ll have something to do together besides vegging out in front of the TV to avoid actually engaging with each other.

Date nights don’t have to be expensive or even take place out of the house. Whether you prepare a new recipe together or play a game, there are many cheap and easy ways to spend quality time together without the kids.

Final Thoughts

Parenthood is filled with plenty of challenges, but strong relationships are built on communication and collaboration. Get a little creative with how you spend time together; redefine your sex life and experiment with new, simple ways to connect and enjoy each other’s touch.

Although your life has changed after children, the romantic aspect of your relationship doesn’t have to be over.

Cherish the little moments together, and you’ll be surprised at how rewarding even the simplest activities can be.

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash