5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dating Life

So you have tired of the “traditional” ways of meeting someone and decided to look into meeting a potential prospect through one of the many online dating sites out there.

5 dating tips

Good for you! While signing up for a dating site is the first step, there are several ways you could improve or worsen your odds of finding someone special. That’s where this page comes in. Provided below are 5 solid pieces of online dating advice for any sort of service, be it a site dedicated to members of a particular faith or senior dating sites, that should help steer those prospects toward meeting up with you rather than send them running away.

Tip #1: Variety Spices the Dish

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but limiting your profile to a single picture is a big mistake. Try and upload several different pictures of yourself, making sure to use pictures that clue a potential date in on your interests.

  • If you like a certain author, use a picture that shows off your good side and has you reading one of that author’s books.

  • If you are the sporty type, use a picture of you participating or dressed in support of your team.

  • If you like music, use a picture where you are playing an instrument or have headphones on.

While it is good to offer several different pictures of you, ideally featuring you in several different poses and lighting conditions, there is a limit. You do not want to swamp potential candidates with an entire portfolio. Consider only using photos pertinent to the things you like or care about the most; the sort of things use photos involving the things and activities that your ideal partner would also be interested in.

Tip #2: Responses Are The Fuel That Keeps the Fire of Interest Burning.

Do your best to respond to any text or call coming from your date. This advice does not mean you should get back to them the next day; you have a maximum window of roughly 3-4 hours before the other party thinks you may be cooling on the idea of getting together. That said, it is also possible to be too invested in keeping communication open. Unless things get hot and the words come fast, maybe wait 5 to 10 minutes before replying to a text. When it comes to receiving a phone or VoIP call, maybe wait until the third ring before you take the call.

Tip #3: “Hard to Get” is For Kids

You are a full and proper woman now, that means the idea of baiting that dreamboat with nonchalance and coyness will likely. Unless you are looking for prospects in their early-to-mid-20s, the men or women you are looking to date will probably assume you to be a flake and move on to someone else who seems to be giving stable signals of active interest. Be forthright about your intentions and let your responses reinforce your interest or lack of interest in a candidate from the start.

Tip #4: Focus on the Positives

It is far too easy to find, or rationalize, negative qualities in a person. Conversely, it is more of a challenge to zero in on a given person’s positive qualities. The benefit of this challenge is that it keeps you engaged with the person and may lead to some pleasant surprises-maybe you discover that when that guy said he was interested in “sports” that he meant he was into fencing. In fact, if your date’s profile remains unclear about something, ask him to go into further details. You might not only discover something about him but may even have something lined up as an activity for your next date.

Tip #5: The Past is Behind You, Don’t Let It Keep You From Reaching Happiness

Always focus on the chance to engage in positive opportunities. If you choose to let your future be ruled by the bad experiences from your past relationships, you tether yourself to a wall and may miss out on some amazing activity or person. Unless you see a barrage of red flags, lean into giving the person a chance.

Photo by Joshua Ness from StockSnap