What women look for in a man- online dating tips

Men usually have a hard time thinking about what they need to win a woman’s heart. On the other hand, most women tend to have a list of criteria to gauge a man and know whether he qualifies as her love partner.

what women look for in a man

Possessing a majority of traits gets the potential man a notch closer to being the woman’s partner. Some of the things that women look for are not a guarded secret. Here is a list of attributes they look for in the man of their dreams in online dating.

A Great Sense of Humor

Don’t you enjoy it when laughing with a best friend during a conversation? Well, having the ability to make her laugh by creating humor in many situations makes women attracted to a man. Don’t just engage in serious topics every time as she may feel bored.

However, you don’t have to master the art of a stand-up comedian or force yourself to crack jokes. Always be yourself as you work on impressing the lady you desire. In case your sense of humor isn’t compatible with her, you may try your luck elsewhere.


You will notice that women get attracted to a man who is in a position of power. It’s not a surprise that they will go after the goal scorer in a football team rather than the backup kicker. When you are a leader, women see you as a person who is confident and ready to lead her beyond any boundaries.

Your real confidence gets tested when you are in unfamiliar places or with new people. Women expect you to handle any uncomfortable situations with a sense of security. It would help if you had the right attitude to tackle any obstacle.

A good listener

Excellent communication between two parties while dating is critical. For you to converse seamlessly, you have to be a good listener. Women can quickly tell when men are not keen on whatever they say and when he is just waiting to speak.

When dating, I always tried to remember the things she said after our conversation. It would help if you did not focus on impressing her, with topics such as how you earn lots of profits from your venture. Instead, try to build on her conversation and ask questions to have a better connection.

Be Protective

Women are comfy with a man whom they feel safe every time. I noticed that when a woman has that protective feeling around you, she opens up since she feels safeguarded by the masculine energy. As a man, your power is seductive to her, and she can feel it even before you speak.

Note that this trait also includes honoring the decisions she makes, backing her actions and giving her enough confidence. By doing so, women feel you are creating a safe atmosphere.

Be Masculine Enough

One of the most attractive things about men is the masculinity in their bodies. You can’t fail to notice that women like the sight of a well-built man. They believe that physicality brings in a sense of affection and warmth.

When you are well built, a woman sees you will adequate capabilities to move heavy objects, change a flat tire, among many. Physical presence makes women emotion thus, next time you see your friend taking time to get his body fully fit, you know the most likely reason.

Be Social

To win a woman’s heart, you have to be ready to persuade her to your level best. On the other end, she will be keenly listening to know if she will be willing to give you more of her time. You gain such qualities if you have the prowess of making new friends without much difficulty.

Also, as you get social with people around you, women expect you to have surrounded yourself with winners and highly-valued individuals. You should love and treat your friends with respect, as it shows that you’ll treat her the same way.


If you’ve been wondering what to do to have a life partner, then the above tips are worth noting. I know it’s not an easy task finding a dating partner as it may feel like a pool full of too many frogs. However, remember that women are different, but the outlined characteristics are universal to help you have a great online dating life.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash